What do some of the world's leading entertainment venues have in common? The answer is lighting and sound systems with Leviton products as an essential part of their foundations. From convention centers to nightclubs, theaters to houses of worship, the common denominator is Leviton quality used throughout the technology infrastructure. With revolutionary products from Leviton, lighting is fluid and dynamic. Our control systems are designed to unlock your vision and creativity, giving you the power to animate your lighting like never before. And when you consider their versatility and technological advances, our controllers, dimmers and fixtures are remarkably affordable. The same enthusiasm we put into innovation drives our customer service. When you purchase our products, you'll work with a knowledgeable team of customer representatives trained to anticipate and respond to your needs.

Opportunities & Challenges

  • New generations of energy management options, such as Leviton LEDs, controllers and dimming systems, are creating new demand in the market for updated and energy-efficient products
  • Highly public and visual venues, such as sports stadiums and convention centers, are setting an example by pledging energy reductions and green technology in their facilities
  • Energy efficient technologies reduce maintenance costs, saving a facility significant costs over time
  • The entertainment industry spends approximately $4.6 billion on energy each year to light and operate facilities catering to a wide variety of events
  • With increasing costs and stalled ticket sales, entertainment venues are working with narrow margins to remain profitable in today’s market

Recommended Leviton Solutions

Leviton iSeries Dimmer Racks

This equipment is used to control the power delivered to an entertainment venue’s fixtures. The dimmers in the rack can be controlled by either the control console or house/stage lighting control stations. The rack can be configured via a personal computer or handheld terminal, making management flexible and reducing technical and maintenance costs. Each dimmer provides feedback for the active voltage per phase and total power over time, giving entertainment venues the power to identify peak usage times and work to reduce overall energy consumption.

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Piccolo Scan Control Console

The control console is used to control the dimmers during a music, dance, theater or speaking production. The Piccolo and Piccolo Scan consoles offer features and functionality not commonly found in a console of their size. Control cues and effects from one centralized, pre-programmed point. Piccolo is user-friendly and easy to learn, making operation flexible to a wide variety of skill levels. The key features offered by the Piccolo system (full effects-based automated device support, fast programming, USB show and data storage) are normally exclusive to much larger, cost-inhibitive consoles, making Piccolo an ideal budget-friendly option which retains system control integrity.

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Remembrance Architectural/Stage Lighting Control

These stations provide easy to operate controls for general house and stage lighting. Stations have both manual control and preset storage and playback with programmable fade times. In Remembrance provide convenient lighting control for non-technical users, making them usable by volunteers and other less technically-trained staff. Automated dimming not only sets a proper mood, it also saves energy by effortlessly lowering lights when no longer necessary to remain fully lit.

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LED Fixtures

Leviton’s LED fixtures offer all of the benefits of emerging LED technology: energy efficiency, low operating temperatures, lightweight equipment and bright, bold lighting. In addition to drastically lower kWh needed to operate the LED fixture, the low operating temperatures reduce the amount of air conditioning necessary to keep the lighting functional and safe, which translates into energy and cost savings. Leviton’s LED fixtures provide entertainment venues value and quality through the technology’s energy saving capabilities, low maintenance needs and ability to craft vivid, imaginative scenes on-stage.

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LEO Ellipsoidal Spotlight

LEO provides excellent definition and shape control over the beam pattern and focus. For stage uses, the fixture is commonly used as a front light for longer throw applications. The unit also has the ability to project picture “Gobo” images, which can mimic a variety of effects from grass and trees to rooftops and windowpanes. Creative options allow entertainment venues to remain competitive by increasing the production values of concerts, theatrical performances and other events.

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Multi-Lens PAR

This fixture offers spotlight capabilities with the flexibility of multiple angles. PAR’s four interchangeable lenses (included) provide the ability to achieve very narrow, medium and wide flood field angles. The Multi-Lens PAR fixture’s multiple applications for basic lighting needs makes this a good foundational light for an entertainment venue’s general lighting needs. With multi-purpose workhorses like the Multi-Lens PAR, entertainment venues can make the most of limited equipment budgets by getting the most functionality for their dollar.

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